Gambling is a big part of the day to day life in Australia. Whether it’s sports betting, online pokies, casino games or lotteries, Australians are known to be extremely fond of the games of chance. This love translates to some quite amazing statistics for the Aussies, who have become the top market for countless online casinos over the years. And with close to 80% of the adult population in Australia gambling every year, it’s easy to understand why.

We did some research on the topic, and here are the most interesting facts we learned about the gambling habits “down under”

1.  The average Australian loses 1260$ gambling every year

Reports from the 2017-2018 period showed a total of almost $25 billion having been lost by Australians playing games of chance. This includes $3.5 billions lost on racing and another $1.2 billions lost on sports betting.

The rest up to $25 billion is split between land based casinos, online casinos and lotteries, which shows exactly what games Aussies love the most. Which leads us the the next point.

2.  Pokies, lotteries and scratch cards are the most popular games of chance in Australia

Data from recent statistics shows that more than 8 million Aussies (42.6% of the entire population) have participated in lottery games or purchased scratch cards in any given quarter of 2020. On top of this, 2.4 million have played poker machines, while sports betting was the third most popular option, with only 2.1 million players.

3.  Australians don’t always wait to turn 18 before they start gambling

A staggering 16% of the Australian population begins playing games of chance before the legal age of 18. This is a rather worrying statistic, but one that goes to show that online casinos are from certain points of view a safer choice. While any 16 year old can pass as an adult and purchase a lottery ticket or a scratch card, playing in an online casino comes with age restrictions which would not allow him to join or deposit.

4.  Australia has almost 200,000 pokies

Estimates show that in 2018, Australian gaming venues had a total of 194 thousand pokies, video poker machines and slot machines in more than 2900 hotels and 1800 casinos. Crunching the numbers a bit further, this number shows us that Australia has 1 pokie for every 100 adults inhabiting the continent. That’s certainly impressive and is a clear of the Aussies’ love for gambling

5.  The highest win on a pokie in a pub was 10,000$

While the average pokie has a payout ratio close to 90%, which means that the odds are stacked against the player in the long run, some manage to beat those odds. One lucky fellow Aussie managed to win 10,000$ on a pokie located in a pub. Yes, Australians love to have pokies in their pubs, which lead Australia to own close to 18% of all the slot machines in the world.

6.  1% of the Australian population has a serious gambling issue

While gambling addiction is a quite common condition for Australians, 1% of them are medically diagnosed as gambling addicts with severe control problems. Moderate addiction has been reported in another 2% of the population, which leads to a grim statistic showing around 400 gambling related suicides among Australians every year.

7.  Australia is at the top of the leaderboard in a list of countries with most gamblers

Australia is the country with the most gambling activity in the world, but it is closely followed by Singapore, China, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Canada.

While Las Vegas clearly remains the gambling capital of the world, gambling activity in all the countries mentioned above is impressive to say the least.

While gambling is seen by many as having a negative impact on each individual involved in the games of chance, the appeal of easy wins still remains the top reason for people to love pokies, casino games and lotteries. With a good strategy and some self control many players can win considerable amounts and the important thing for you is to be one of them.