We all know that playing casino games is a fun and often rewarding activity. But with the constant development of online casinos, one can only wonder: can online casinos really ever replace brick and mortar gambling establishments?

Some might argue that nothing compares to the feeling of being in a land based casino, while others appreciate the possibility of wagering without leaving the comfort of their home. While, for most Canadians, this is a matter of personal taste and there are no arguments that could ever make them change their minds, let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of real-life and online casinos and see how they compare to one another.

Benefits of brick and mortar casinos

The main attraction when it comes to the traditional casinos in Canada is the fact that they provide a fun environment. They’re simply nice places to be in, most of them being rather luxurious. They have a good vibe and in my personal opinion, the sound of a brick and mortar casino is simply irreplaceable. Lights flashing, slot machines beeping and ringing: that’s what it’s all about.

On top of this, playing pokies or other games in a live casino is a social affair. Players can interact with each other, can have a chat and share their experience with other players. Plus, playing Blackjack or Roulette with a real life dealer is a lot more fun than playing online.

Perks are also a big part of the experience when it comes to traditional experience. Depending on the amounts players wager and the size of the casinos they do it in, these perks can go from unlimited free drinks to free all-inclusive accommodation in a 5 star hotel. While online casinos do offer bonuses, these are usually just cash rewards and nothing more.

Benefits of online casinos

For those of us who don’t feel the need to socialize or to even get dressed up before playing our favorite pokie, online casinos are a pretty great alternative. Here’s what makes them special.

You can play anytime, anywhere. Online casinos in Canada are always open, they have no dress code and you can start playing the second you decide to do it. There’s no need to get dressed, drive or take the bus to the casino. As long as you opt for a mobile online casino, you can even play while you’re on the go.

Online casinos give out bonuses. While brick and mortar casinos also provide players with different perks, online casinos offer cash bonuses or sets of free spins. They also have dedicated support teams and VIP managers you can interact with whenever you feel like it or whenever you need any sort of help.

Another big advantage of online casinos is that most of them do their best to personalize your experience. That means that whenever you log in to your casino account, your favorite games will be placed above the rest, making it a lot easier for you to go directly to what you already know you love.

On top of this, there is literally no comparison between online casinos and land based casinos when it comes to the number of games available. While land based casinos can have a couple hundred pokies available at any given moment, online casinos have game collections that go well into the thousands. Having the option to choose from thousands of online pokies is clearly a big win for online casino players.


As you can see, both casino types have their own advantages and drawbacks. Which one is better is, in the end, a matter of personal preference. While for some, getting dressed up and going to a land based casino is an enjoyable part of the experience, others will always prefer to spend more time at home and play remotely.