Casinos are surrounded to this day by a certain mystery. Whether it’s due to the fact that they seem to hold the key to some massive wins, or simply their long history of true or made up tales from players, casinos are usually being looked at as special places where magic can happen to a certain extent.

And while we all know that magic isn’t real, we have to admit that each casino we step into gives out an energy telling us that anything is possible once you get inside. The lighting is mysterious, the sounds somewhat hypnotizing and the simple fact that we know we could win an amount that will turn our life around puts us in a special state of mind.

Over the years, this fascination people have for casinos, how they operate and how they pay out big wins has led to quite a lot of myths.

What is a casino myth?

Usually in close connection with the folklore of certain countries and historical tales which hold some truth and wisdom behind them, myths have their origins in the people’s need to explain phenomena they had no logical or scientific explanation for.

Moving further in time, closer to modern times, myths have changed from tales of the supernatural to being widely held beliefs or ideas that are simply not true.

Applying this logic to casino myths, we can say that they are things players believe about casinos, which have no basis in facts or logic and are still being propagated among people, even despite the fact that they were disproved in the past.


What are the most popular casino myths in Canada?

There are some casino-related myths that are more popular than others in Canada and have had a certain appeal to Canadians, determining them to pass them along from one player to another. Here are the most popular casino myths that are simply not true, but are still being discussed by the gambling population of Canada.

Games are rigged

It’s easy to understand why this is actually the most common myth about casinos and gambling in general. Accepting that you are simply unlucky is a lot more painful than lying to yourself claiming you are not the problem and that you have been cheated.

Actually, all land based casinos and most online casinos are licensed and verified by regulatory bodies who ensure that the games are fair. The myth originated most likely in the past when casino regulations didn’t exist and perhaps it was even true back then.

Nowadays though, this is just a myth, which has been disproven numerous times.

Casinos pump pure oxygen to keep players awake and gambling for longer

Now this is an interesting one and to be perfectly honest, I feel like I should be wearing a tinfoil hat just writing about it.

The theory is that casinos use pure oxygen for their ventilation systems, which gives players an energy boost that keeps them more active and able to gamble for longer periods of time. It’s well known that the longer you stay in a casino, the more you will lose, but this theory of pure oxygen being pumped through the vents is ridiculous to say the least. Here’s why.

Oxygen is highly flammable and requires a special kind of setup in order to actually be usable in the right concentration that would actually be an effective way of boosting the players’ energy. And that concentration is high enough to set the whole place on fire. Casinos have thousands of flashing lights, people smoking, electronics and lots of other things that can easily ignite a fire if the oxygen concentration would be higher than normal.

Would a casino owner really risk burning the whole place to the ground with tens or hundreds of people inside just to have a 10% increase in activity in a day?

You’re “due” to win after a losing streak

Probably the second most common casino myth is also a lie we tell ourselves to comfort or to encourage ourselves to keep playing is that we lost enough and we are now bound to hit a nice win.

While logic would dictate that you can’t flip a coin and get the same result 100 times in a row, mathematics show that there is no rule saying that you can’t.  The same thing applies to winning or losing gaming sessions.

This gambler’s fallacy is a painful paradox to learn, but an important one. Nothing dictates the outcome of a gaming session other than pure luck so thinking it can be influenced in any way by doing something or based on past outcomes is a costly mistake.


While understanding how a casino operation works is a lot less interesting than the speculations going around, the price you will need to pay if you base your gaming style on false myths is going to be quite high.